Read Protecting What's His read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Protecting What's His is a Romance novel by Tessa Bailey. Series: Line of Duty #1. View: Read Online. Rating 9. A sexy category romance from Entangled's. Protecting What's His Best Free Books Online Read from your Pc or Mobile. What's His (Line of Duty #1) is a Romance novel by Tessa Bailey. Read PDF Protecting Whats His (Line of Duty, #1) By Tessa Bailey,A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint She's running from the law, and.

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Protecting What's His by Tessa Bailey The Law of Attraction by N.M. Silber Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley Knight by Kristen Ashley Reaper's Property by . Editorial Reviews. Review. "Scorching hot, and lough-out-loud funny!" Katee Robert. About the Author. Tessa Bailey is the New York Times bestselling author . Protecting What's Theirs (A Line of Duty Book 5) by [Bailey, Tessa Ginger Peet has never regretted leaving Nashville with her sister and their life-sized statue.

Ginger sees that money as an chance to make a better life for her and her now 17 year old sister.

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So she steals the money, grabs Willa, and runs. She and Willa end up in Chicago , moving into an apt right next to this super sexy homicide lieutenant, Derek Tyler. He tempts her like no other, but she doesn't want a relationship, and he wants it all. Can Derek get his girl, and protect her from her past! Holy crap he was perfect. Everything you want a yummy cop to be, bossy, strong, protective, but he had a sweet side too.

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He is a good man, wants to do what is right, cares for his men, and takes his job serious. I want you underneath me in my bed.

I want to be buried inside you so deep that I have to remind you of your own name. And I want those motherfuckers leering at you from the other side of the bar to smell me on you for a week afterward.

So you know what your punishment is going to be, sweetheart? Hell, it might take me until tomorrow.

Until you fucking get used to it. She is very loyal, raising her sister, and trying to make a better life for them. She is strong, has a sassy mouth, and she knows how to use her sex appeal to her advantage. She is quite the little dirty talker herself.

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She has had a hard life and shes had to grow up fast. She could only count on herself so she is afraid to let anyone close and end up being hurt. She had a very sweet vulnerability to her, while putting on a brave face. I loved her as a character , she was very real!

Protecting What's His

You proved tonight you had the biggest dick in the room. Today, Willa would sit down to homemade pasta sauce and ravioli.

A door slammed out in the hallway and Ginger smirked, assuming the lieutenant must be home from work for the night. Not once had she thought about him since their exchange the other day.

Unless you count that one time.

Maybe Chicago boys just liked something a little different in a woman. Like hell. Damn him, it did. Their apartment door slammed next, making Ginger jump and splash marinara sauce onto the counter.

She quickly wiped it up with a dish towel. Willa Ingrid Peet.

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Wip for short. Somehow Willa managed to pull off the look. Did you refrain from setting the place on fire? Willa did as Willa pleased. Starts tomorrow night at seven. Doing what? This place is amazing.

Real swanky. Her sister had always been too perceptive. Ginger had always made a point, even in Nashville, to sit down and share a proper dinner with Willa. Even if the meal consisted of creamed corn and toast, their family meals were a constant. Something they both counted on to mark the passing of time. Had she been wrong to bring Willa here? She knew her sister encountered bullies on occasion, but assumed tough-as-nails Willa let that type of thing roll off her back.

The thought weighed heavily on her mind.

Ginger resolved to pry the truth out of Willa tomorrow at dinner, whether it upset her or not. After placing the final magazine cutout, a large pair of lips with legs, on the nightstand, Ginger coated the project with lacquer and made a mental note to seek out local flea markets in Chicago where she could download a vendor space to sell the pieces once she accumulated a decent stock. People had liked her designs in the past. Ginger poured herself a second glass of wine, then glanced at the clock, surprised to see the early hour.

When she reached the top floor, Ginger pushed open the heavy metal door leading to the roof. From this vantage point, she could see the glittering lights of downtown Chicago and the bright beacon that was Wrigley Field. The night felt cool against her mostly bare skin, and she took a deep, fortifying breath, letting it out slowly. Sort of like leather and expensive coffee. Her eyes flew open. Derek, arms crossed, leaned against the wall enclosing the rooftop. Watching her.

Damn, he looked just as good in jeans and a sweatshirt as he did in that navy blue uniform. And it annoyed the bejesus out of her.

The last thing he said to her yesterday about Gingers usually being redheads popped into her mind. Smiling, Ginger put a little swagger in her step and approached him. She would sigh for him one day.She is strong, has a sassy mouth, and she knows how to use her sex appeal to her advantage. She was not the typical shy, virginal wallflower.

I want my very own Lieutenant Tyler. Damn him, it did. He tempts her like no other, but she doesn't want a relationship, and he wants it all. I love everything about this book. I think i might love her even more than Derek does!

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