Peer e Kamil meaning The fantastic Mentor is a novel written by Pakistani writer Umera was initially printed in Urdu in afterward in English at Man o Salwa Novel By Umera Ahmed Pdf Download. Aks novel by Umera Ahmed Pdf Download. Peer e Kamil is the name of a very popular Urdu Novel by Umaira Ahmad. It was published in the last decade. Its second part is also about to go public. Peer-e-Kamil(S.A.W) First Chapter Topic: Peer-e-Kamil(S.A.W) First Chapter qc Foreword Pir-e-Kamil, The Perfect Mentor, has been written for you. For that.

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You want to read urdu novels by free downloading. Many of us prefer to read novels in smartphone and PDF. We brought "Peer e kamil" Full Novel by Umera. Read the life-transforming best-selling Urdu book "Peer e Kamil" by famous writer Umera Ahmed. App Features: Smooth User Interface (UX) -FullScreen. Peer-E-Kamil (PBUH) by Umera Ahmad English PDF - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. In this book there is a story of a girl.

It was initially printed in Urdu in afterward in English at The publication deals with all the turning points in the lives of two people: The story spans a time period of around ten decades. It is accompanied by a sequel Aab-e-Hayat.

She makes the decision to convert to Sunni Islam after being influenced by her friends. He is a rich boy with an IQ level over Imama wishes to wed Jalal, however, Salar is based on her that Jalal has married someone else. Sikandar called his wife. Salar counted from one to one hundred. She turned back to the notebook.

Are you disturbed about something? Salar was not moved up mid-term. Javeria looked at her closely. Javeria continued with her reading. Is there a problem? Imama sighed—she was getting fed up with this. Your book was in front of you but your thoughts were somewhere else. Javeria handed her a notebook which she began to leaf through it. Then he started tightly winding and knotting the rope in his hand around the mouth of the sack till he had used it all up. Taking a deep breath.

Javeria was confused. He opened the boot and took out a sack and a length of rope and moved towards the bridge.

His eyes were inscrutable. I believe you. He could have been anywhere between 19 to 29 years of age. He felt as if his lungs would burst and when he breathed in. His head hit the water sharply and he was submerged to the waist. He held his breath and tried to keep his eyes open underwater. A smile of satisfaction hovered on his lips.

I thought you were holding back because I might worry. She was sitting up. After some time she yawned and turned towards Imama.

His tall. Once on the bridge.

In all these years. Some passersby saw him but they did not stop. Holding on to one end of the rope. Then why are you questioning me as if I were a criminal? He began to flap about helplessly—he tried but could www. As they picked up Zainab on the way. After a while Javeria came in and she too tried to persuade Imama. What for?

Javeria realized that she had left her wallet behind in the hostel. I want to sleep. I am just too tired today and want to sleep. Some people who had seen him jump off the bridge. A crowd gathered. They did not know what to do— there was no visible movement under the water. The rope was still shaking. When they got to the hostel they were shocked to find the room locked. Come with us. I just stopped on the way to get some books. She seemed relieved. But her chowkidar said that she had left with you.

For the next few minutes. Rabia and Javeria exchanged looks. It was quite late at night when they returned. The room was locked. Imama was in the room and welcomed them back. We were getting suspicious about you. Imama got a jolt. She refused to accompany us saying she was tired…she wanted to sleep… was unwell…and then she goes off like this.

They did not reply—putting down their shopping. Imama did not reply: Imama went out a while ago. The next time—a full year later—he had tied himself up and jumped into the canal.

The first time was when he was speeding on his bike in the wrong direction on a one-way road and had lifted his hands off the handlebar. Why are you wasting your time? He kept moving his feet from left to right. The room was cool and dark. The cop behind him had seen him doing this..

He suffered a few broken ribs. He was the fourth of five siblings—four brothers and a sister. He was lucky that when he crashed into a car. People on the bridge had saved him by pulling him up by the rope he had used.

He was a dilemma for the psychoanalyst. The boy belonged to one of the few prestigious and extremely wealthy families of the country. This time there were several witnesses but his parents still could not believe that he had attempted suicide. He had told them that he had mistakenly entered the one-way street. His face was calm and he wore an expression that seemed to say that the session with the psychoanalyst was a waste of time.

His desperately worried parents had brought him to the psychoanalyst. Salar claimed that some boys had stopped his car near the bridge. His parents doted on him because of his intelligence and capabilities—yet in the last three years he had tried to kill himself three times. That white file on the table to your right has all my particulars. Even though the police officer had seen this happening. He knew that getting admission was not a problem for Salar: But the third time he could not deceive his parents.

Why do you want to die? He could no longer deny that he had attempted suicide. The next time too. For the next few weeks. He ground a large quantity of sedatives and swallowed them. Sikandar had intended to send Salar abroad after his A levels. I want to know how it feels to experience the furthest limits www.

Usman Sikandar hired a guard to be with Salar. This time. The entire household was upset and the news spread to the school. I passed out then—I was unconscious. Tyyaba and Sikandar were in a state of shock—they thought of the previous two incidents and regretted that they had believed his stories.

But all his plans seemed to have gone up in smoke. The effect was such that even after a stomach wash. What are you doing?

That I am trying to do something else? It was back to square one: I go to such bars with my cousins: I know what I am. I never get wild with joy. And so it is with pain…there must be some level of pain beyond which one cannot go.

You mean I would kill myself for some girl? I thought that if I cannot cross the limits of happiness then perhaps I could go to the limits of pain.

When I go abroad for my vacations. Perhaps he does this to attract attention. Salar did not show any reaction to this decision just as he had not shown any reaction to his earlier decision of sending him abroad.

Try to spend some time with him daily. She had the earphones on and was listening to something on her Walkman. Usman Sikandar and Tyyaba sat Salar down in their bedroom and had a long talk with him.

She got up and pulled at the earphones. He sat before them. Usman turned to his wife. Switch on the cassette. They listed all the luxuries they had provided for him over the past so many years. Tyyaba wiped away her tears and drew a sigh of relief. When Salar left the room. Usman finally asked him. As a result. After the last session with the doctor.

He slipped up very quietly behind her and grabbed the earphones off her. Salar nodded in affirmation. What more do you want? Tell me.

Waseem did not let go of the earphones: Imama had already switched off the cassette. Lighting a cigar. He thought that if Salar was kept close to the family. Carry on with whatever you were listening to.

She sat down again. Pulling another chair. You can keep them. Waseem felt that she seemed somewhat disturbed…worried. Imama did not mind it. But why should she be worried? He shrugged off the thought. I do not behave the way Chu-Chu does.

He was going out then—there was a girl with him. Seven or eight months ago. When was that? She was fair? At least.

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Was she wearing jeans? Somewhat strange. Before he could send another message. He spent a fairly busy day in Lahore and it was past five by the time he was free. While you plan to get engaged to her.

It was the first time he had come here since her admission. He decided to take the parcel himself to Imama and went to the hostel. He sent her a message through the gatekeeper and waited for her. Ten minutes passed…then fifteen. My fate is sealed. When they came closer. You can give me the parcel. Imama suggested he take them along. Imama is not that kind of a girl. Javeria went back to the hostel. She is in Islamabad. Rabia jumped up. I lied. The smile had disappeared off her face and her anxiety was only too apparent.

As she turned in towards her room. Javeria rattled off many lies. But he asked for Imama instead when he got here. The warden breathed a sigh of relief.

What are we going to achieve by talking to her? They could see their careers smashed and they knew what the reaction of their families would be—they would be maligned and criticized for colluding with Imama.

When they thought of these repercussions. They had not figured what the reaction of Hashim Mubeen and his family would be when they were faced with the truth—how would they judge the role of these two friends.

The other girls in the hostel would talk about them and if this became a police case. She had undergone such a change in the last one year: She was never like this. Javeria said nothing but worry was written large across her face.

Once more the question arose: Where had she gone and why? They were trying to analyze her past behavior. What if she did not return? The question loomed like a menace. Bag slung over her shoulder and folder in hand.

They spent the entire night talking. Imama used to get back by nine on Saturdays when she went home for the weekend. Her father comes here to meet her and he has come from his home.

Had she called up this time too. All these fears were replaced by the anger that was aroused in them by the sight of Imama. The next day they did not attend classes—there was no point in going in their sorry state. Javeria and Rabia felt as if the ground slipping away from beneath their feet had suddenly become firm.

At least we would not have been in this mess. Ashen-faced and trembling. I was in Islamabad and I came to college directly.

Imama was surprised. Imama drew a spontaneous sigh of relief. Javeria interrupted the conversation. Rabia shut the door and faced Imama. He gave the clothes and left. I admit. Next week you can take off somewhere else.

Javeria followed them without a word. She had seen them and was moving towards them. It would be better if you sat and spoke to me calmly. He brought some clothes for you. She was silent. Imama…deceiving us like this. The lie is not going to work—you did not go to Islamabad.

I am going to talk to the warden about this business. Mind you. Not a trace of embarrassment on her face. Give me some time. She began to undo the straps on the other foot. Imama looked up at her.

Javeria got up and stopped her. Do you know how humiliating it could be for us—have you any sense at all? What have I done? Is this what you call friendship? Javeria squirmed.

You only meet her in college. Imama looked at her quietly for a few moments and then lowered her head—she had lost her case.

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What friend? You barely know her. Imama looked at them silently. They looked at her. Come out with it. I made a mistake—I am sorry. Imama nodded. Her tone reflected her anger. After a while she said. Why would I want to hurt you for no rhyme or reason? I thought you were my friend. This is why I was not telling you—I even warned you that you would be upset.

She got up abruptly. I did not expect this of you. If God should send me to heaven for any good deeds. I did not expect that you would speak to me like Tehreem. Imama tried to leave but Javeria grabbed her arm. Javeria stood up too. It was a while before she could say anything. Instead of getting emotional or crying.

I am telling you the truth. She pulled her arm away with a jerk and walked away with quick steps. Javeria made no attempt to follow her. Imama said nothing. With concern she watched her walk away—Imama was not given to such a display of temper and this worried Javeria. I know now what you think about me.

I have never criticized your beliefs. Our friendship can never be the same again. They had not only been together in school for many years. Imama was then a student in the Matric class.

Are we not Muslims?

Peer e Kamil(S.A.W.W.)

On a few occasions Imama herself spoke to their parents. Imama was closest to Tehreem and Javeria. Amongst all her friends. Her mother fell silent. They even call us nonMuslims. Imama would invite them to her birthday and also to other events at home. Chapter 2 All this began with an incident in school. If they knew more about us and the teachings of our prophet. They accuse us of lying and harass us. Tehreem was one of her good friends. They quietly glanced at the books.

Tehreem handed back the books she was holding.

Javeria said nothing. You think perhaps that we do not read the Quran or that we do not consider Hazrat Muhammad. We know more than enough about your religion. Imama nodded quietly. Imama took some books with her to school. When they were together during recess. She had not expected Tehreem to react so violently or else she would never have made the mistake of bringing the books or showing them to these girls.

And we believe in the prophets Moses and David too…are we Jews? Let the friendship continue as it is. Imama turned to Javeria who was sitting beside her. Tehreem continued firmly. Your prophet and the leaders of your community claim that whoever denies Mirza as a prophet is not a true Muslim—in effect. But in your case they would disapprove because the reality is that your people have changed to a new faith —yet you pretend to be part of us.

Being friends with you in school is another matter—one can be friends with many people and religion is not an issue. Watching her go. We have been friends for many years. Even if someone pulls you into an argument. Hashim Mubeen got back from work earlier than usual that day and his wife Salma told him that Imama was unwell.

They themselves are non-Muslims. She sat up in bed and without saying anything. They may not visit our home. Hashim was a little relieved. You ought to have remembered that. He was taken aback to see that her eyes were swollen. He sat with her on the bed. Her family will also be very angry. When Imama got home that day. Why are you stopping me from doing it?

Let them be: He went to her room to see her. Barring one or two people. Hashim had also converted. Hashim Mubeen was one of the influential leaders of the Ahmadi community. They were amongst the elite of Islamabad but despite their affluence.

After all. She had grown up seeing her father and her uncle preaching their faith and to her it was something being done in the service of Islam. That was the last day of her friendship with Tehreem.

Their womenfolk observed purdah but there were no undue restrictions placed on them. When our numbers increase. His older brother Azam was also an important Ahmadi leader.

If Christianity can be preached in this country.

Imama watched him walk away. We are a minority now. Tehreem too did not try to bridge the silence between them. In about ten or fifteen years. Imama regularly attended religious gatherings with her family and also www. Imama had also grown up in this environment.

She had been brought up to believe that her community was the only one on the true path of Islam and would be the only one to enter paradise. Soon after her matriculation exam she was engaged to Asjad. She believed it was a political decision taken under pressure from other religious leaders.

Very early Imama and her siblings had been instructed not to divulge anything about their faith in school. I just wanted to help you. Before the showdown with Tehreem. Waseem waited for her reply and then said.

This brought about a change in her: Waseem had figured it out correctly: Imama had been withdrawn and quiet since the day she had an argument with Javeria. Although this was not a love match. And if I need your help. Imama had been upset and quiet lately. Asjad and Imama were happy with this relationship and after the engagement Imama developed a soft spot for Asjad. In school Imama had learnt that in the Constitution had been amended by Parliament to declare them to be nonMuslims and their community as a minority community.

Before staking his claim to prophethood. She was in state of strange uncertainty. As she continued the comparative study of the various interpretations. She had read the translation of the Holy Quran earlier too. She wanted to know what the stand of other sects was concerning her sect and their faith. The contradictions between the prophecies of her religious leader and the real events that had taken place became all too evident to Imama.

Does my closest friend too not accept me as a Muslim? Is all this simply the result of the propaganda about our faith? Why is it that only we are being targeted this way—are we really on the wrong track? Have we adopted the wrong creed? But how can that be—after all. Even if this claim were to be accepted. Jesus would have lived for another forty years after his reappearance by which time Islam would have been ascendant in the world.

Salar helps her and marries her but soon after loses contact with her. Imama finds a sanctuary under Sibt-e-Ali and his family.

She changes her name and completes her studies and starts working in a pharmaceutical company in Lahore. She hates Salar because he refused to divorce her as he had promised.


Salar later travels to New Haven for education, then he works for United Nations for some time before permanently settling in Lahore.

Salar finally sees the errors of his ways and changes for good. Later, the scene shifts near to Kaaba , where Salar and Imama are sitting together worshiping God.While you plan to get engaged to her.

Except for him and his bed. She kept repeating his name under her breath. He pondered this over as he cycled round. She attends her senior shabiha's lectures in secrecy from her family and her roommates, Javeria and Rabia. He was dressed in sports shorts and a baggy shirt. Most of the older men were dressed in starched white clothes.

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