Inglés (pdf) · Articulo en XML; Como citar este artículo; SciELO Analytics; Traducción automática Anatomía del Drenaje Linfático del Miembro Superior y de la Mama y su Papel en la Prevención del . Jacomo, A. L. Anatomia do Sistema Linfático. Roberts, A. Livro Completo do Corpo Humano Guia Visual Definitivo. ¿QUÉ ES EL SISTEMA LINFÁTICO? Es un sistema complejo formado por una serie de órganos y una red de vasos linfáticos. Cada órgano que constituye dicho. descripciones de la sangre y la médula ósea normales y del sistema linfático ( vea la página 27). en Internet o descargarse en formato PDF. También . O Las personas infectadas con el virus linfotrópico T humano (HTLV, por sus siglas en.

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A tomada de consciência do papel do sistema linfático e drenagem da mama. da região com recursos humanos de grande sistema linfatico Masaje Linfático, Sistema Linfatico, Tiroides, Fibromialgia, Anatomia . EFT Tapping Points PDF | CLICK HERE for The Four Energy Thumps. star_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_borderstar_border0 review. Corporate author: Fundação Vale (Brazil) [31]. ISBN: Collation.

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Javier Puig Galy Ophthalmology in Barcelona. Average ER Wait Time. Sort by A-Z Shortest Wait. Stand out and be remembered with Prezi, the secret ckrnea of great presenters. Add a personal note: Home Medical articles Ophthalmology Corneal transplantation, when to proceed.

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View Profile Overall assessment of their patients. Corneal transplantation trasplante de cornea to replace all or some tarsplante the layers of the cornea. Trasplante Corneal Delete comment or cancel.

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Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Add a personal note: Proteja sus ojos de los golpes o codazos accidentales. Copy code to clipboard. Ophthalmologists Mapfre Caja Salud. Corneal transplant risks The main risks a corneal transplant are: Houston, we have a problem!

Doctor in Medicine trasplante de cornea General Surgery, Dr. Do you really want to delete this prezi? As to evaluate the anastomoses and flows among groups of lymph nodes proposed by the literature, a flowchart was elaborated Fig.

The circles represent groups of lymph nodes with their relative sizes and positions, out of scale. The circles and arrows are colored differently for legend identification specifying the source of the description. The numbers written inside some circles correspond to the number of lymph nodes present in the group.

The legend has the origin of the data and a table to the left has the surgical division of the groups of lymph nodes in relation to the pectoralis minor muscle Roberts, ; Standring, Comparative table of drained areas according to different references.

Table II.

Observed frequency of drained description per area according to each groups of lymph nodes. Analytical drawing of most statistically mentioned drained areas. Flowchart of anastomoses among group of lymph nodes RESULTS The first conclusion obtained is the fact that most bibliography used in the medical education has very little information about lymphatic drainage and that most of this information is inconsistent if compared to other sources, hence, there should be an update and agreement among anatomists as to establish a unique drainage description.

The data obtained also gives theoretical support to preserve the posterior and lateral axillary lymph nodes even after positive SLNB as an alternative to avoid lymphedema of the upper limb.

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The infra-clavicular lymph nodes can possibly be preserved, yet the The flowchart illustrates there are collateral ways which enable the preserved lymph nodes to keep the lymphatic flow to the subclavian trunk even if levels II and III are removed.

Jacomo also supports this idea by the description of 8 drainage currents from the proximal portion of the upper limb: basilic, cephalic, pre-bicipital, posteromedial, posterior, posterolateral, brachial and deep brachial; of which only 2 are derivative, do not direct to axillary nodes, the cephalic supra-claviculary nodes and the posterior posterior scapulary nodes. This is why there is some drainage compensation after total axillary resection.

Thus, the removal of highly suggestive metastatic groups when SLNB is positive can involve the resection of levels II and III, along with partial resection of level I, making use of ARM for identification of the lymph nodes for preservation.

So if there are anatomical variations which enable metastatic groups to communicate to the ARM lymph nodes, the patient will be exposed to high chances of disease progression due to medical error. Furthermore, currently, the injection of dye in the medial bicipital sulcus is the chosen site simply because of the rapid drainage in the spot Lee et al. Notwithstanding, there are other drainage currents in the upper limb that do not pass by the site of injection, making the evaluation of ARM nodes still incomplete.

Some showed a positive view of the benefits and morbidity reduction by using this technique, even though further studies are necessary to affirm anything Gobardhan et al.

Another interesting point analyzed by Suami et al. This study also mentioned the existence of numerous anastomoses and shared lymph nodes between the torso and upper limb. Ikeda et al. Lee et al. Therefore, the creation of a complete lymphatic anatomic map with all possible variations would facilitate the location of ARM lymph nodes during surgery, in addition to the development of a dye which stains anastomoses among lymph nodes and a better understanding of the lymphatic drainage as well as possible shared drainage between the breast and the upper limb are essential to make the technique applicable and safe for clinical practice.

Rio de Janeiro, Guanabara-Koogan, Scientific Impact Award: Axillary reverse mapping ARM to identify and protect lymphatics draining the arm during axillary lymphadenectomy. Identifying the "sentinel lymph nodes" for arm drainage as a strategy for minimizing the lymphedema risk after breast cancer therapy. Breast Cancer Res.

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Gray's Atlas of Anatomy. ARM: axillary reverse mapping - the need for selection of patients. Rio de Janeiro, Medsi, Evaluation of the metastatic status of lymph nodes identified using axillary reverse mapping in breast cancer patients.

World J. In: Guedes Neto, H. Sao Paulo, Yendis, Arm sentinel lymph node detection for preserving the arm lymphatic system.

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Breast Cancer, 12 4 , ARM: axillary reverse mapping - the need for selection of patients. Pulse Wave Velocity PWV is a measure of arterial stiffness, or the rate at which pressure waves move down the vessel.

OK Picibanil therapy for lymphangiomas in children. Specific cell types and their requirements. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. As to evaluate the observed frequency of the descriptions in Table I , we prepared another Table II , the lines contain the drained areas and the columns contain the groups of nodes in the same organization used in Table I.

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