Report. Wild and Free (The Three #3) by Kristen Ashley #Paranormal_Romance @ Wild and Free - Kristen KB. Like Show likes. In Kristen Ashley's first anthology, readers will find three short stories and two novellas taking them back to Wild Like the Wind (Chaos #6) Kristen Ashley. epub. by Kristen Ashley on January 28, Original TitleFree (Chaos Series); CreatorKristen Ashley; Languageen Wild and Free by Kristen Ashley · Soaring by.

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Wild and Free book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Abel Jin and Delilah Johnson have lived their lives with a hole in. Ally Landry Related Search: kristen ashley wild like the wind pdf, kristen ashley wild like the wind epub, kristen ashley wild like the wind read. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Kristen Ashley is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She grew up in Indiana, but has lived in Colorado .

I mean, I did like them but they did nothing to me, I could have done without their presence. But, if I could give a 5 or even 6 stars rating or more to one character, specifically one couple in this book, it would be Yuri and Aurora.

Holy shitoly. Kristen surprised me with them. Yuri is Gregor's son, a vampire, cocky, proud and a jerk but I freaking loved him in this book, so very very much. It took me by surprise but after reading his POV for just a little while, I wanted more and I only wanted that. No joke. I was actually waiting for Abel or Delilah to stop speaking and for Yuri to come back. And Aurora, she's a young but powerful witch and she's awesome. I would have loved for them to have their own book because it would have been the bomb.

But I am still glad that Kristen took the time to write about them and their relationship. It was definitely a positive point for me. They totally have a special place in my heart as well. Well, the main couple. Abel and Delilah. And I think that's why my rating is low, because, even though I loved the story, the ending and so many other characters, I did not like them and this was still their story , so they were important.

I have to admit, this book felt different than the first two. With the first two, it was really only about the main couple and their story but in Wild and Free it was complicated, it was about Abel and Delilah, obviously, but when they found each other, they didn't have time to rest, right away, they were reunited with the other couples because of the prophecy and there were lots of other characters and many POVs, so I guess, I didn't really connect with them.

I didn't like Lilah. I just didn't. She was not for me, she was just too much of everything. It annoyed me, she annoyed me. I did not connect with her and how many times did she say that she loved Abel's big dick?! I mean, seriously, you're pissing me off. I don't really know what to say, she was not always that bad, there were moments where I actually liked her but I can't even remember them.

I can't believe I'm going to say that I liked him at the beginning, I felt for him, thinking he was the only one different, thinking of himself as a monster and such but when he found his mate and they became serious, he pissed me off too. It was too easy. At times I felt like, for him, women were only a hole he could bury his cock into.

I felt like, sometimes, when he was angry, he only viewed Lilah as a way to exhaust himself by having his way with her, I didn't like that either. Anyway, I did not connect with them individually and even less as a couple.

Which is the major reason for this rating. But it was mostly a great book because of all the things I listed above and especially because of Yuri. I did love the ending as well, it was a good conclusion and the Three can finally live in peace.

And, this book made me feel lots of emotions, I cried more than once, so thank you Kristen for that. I love feeling this kinds of emotions while reading a book, even if it's sadness, it makes the book so much better. Wild and Free is full of battles and twists, seriously, this was another awesome point.

I fell in love with new and old characters and I was thrilled to read more of the other couples, it felt good! I would not mind another book in this series, even if the Three have fulfilled their destiny and are finally free, Kristen could definitely write another book Nov 19, Aestas Book Blog marked it as to-read.

My review of Book 1: View all 8 comments. Most importantly, though, Wild and Free is a story of hope, dedication, determination, and unconditional, uncompromising love. I love it because I believe in it! We get to spend time with Lucien and Leah, and Callum and Sonia, along with others we've come to love throughout the story.

There are some laughs, some sighs, loads of fanning, but also some heartbreaking moments. If you think I loved each and every word of Wild and Free , you would not be wrong! Check out the blog tour here, and enter for a chance to win some amazing prizes! View all 11 comments. Jan 05, Catarina rated it really liked it Shelves: In this third the book we get to meet the third and last couple of life-mates. Abel, a hybrid between vampire and werewolf and Delilah, a human. Now, not only are they fighting for the human existence and to save the world, but they also have to fight for their loves and for their own lives.

It was too long even for her standards and for a bit it seemed it would never end. The first half dragged a little and was basically always the same thing happening over and over again.

Another good series that only proves me again that this woman can write virtually anything. Characters Development: They were good together and Abel was alpha as hell, but it came a point where their relationship were more of the same. It was nice to see more of the previous couples especially Callum and Sonia, since they were my favorites.

They were amazing together and I wish they could have had a book just for them. Sensible Subjects: View all 18 comments. Apr 10, Wendy rated it it was amazing. I'd been waiting for this book for ages Finally. This was a great ending to this series. It was worth the wait. We basically got 2 new romances wrapped in one book. And a touching family reunion. And we got to spend time with the other couples. It was awesome. We've got the main couple Lilah and Abel Abel is a badass. A badass biker.

Under all that badass we's a puppy. Totally adorable and full of love. I won't be giving anyt I'd been waiting for this book for ages Finally. I won't be giving anything away when I say that he finds his soul mate and is absolutely smitten. Lilah is a biker chick. It works out, doesn't it? She's a free spirit that doesn't judge anyone. She sees you as you are and gets used to it.

She doesn't give you shit for it. She sees that Abel is overprotective and jealous at times, but it's him. I wan't get into the plot because I'd have to be explaining 3 books and then I'd give away important details from the book, so you'll just have to take my word: Oh man, I so liked that. TO which he looked to the headboard, "Now all I can think is how good a girl she can be. Also, Zoe's names for Abel's looks were incredibly funny: Yuri is really.

And he's usually kind of standoffish. Then he meets Aurora. She's a young witch. He's a total idiot to her their first meeting.

Like, I can't even put him in a group with assholes because that would kind of be insulting them. I know. It doesn't seem like a good start to a relationship. He was lucky that Aurora's totally cool. Cute cool, not badass cool. She had a warm heart and a soft soul Because she totally can. And she can be hardheaded when needed. Which is always when dealing with Yuri. Yuri soon find out he was a turd and that Aurora is amazing. And he falls in love.

I was expecting there to be some fallout when he broke up with his concubine but surprisingly even though it seemed like the story was setting up to that, it didn't happen maybe Kit was just making sure there were no plot holes Anyway, they ended up being a rocking couple. Just read this: His hand slid down her forearm to catch hers and murmured soothingly,"Calm, button. As cute as. Because mine did. SWOON x I wasn't the only one that found them adorable: Instead, at her quick stop, he wrapped an arm around her chest from behind in a protective way, narrowed his eyes, and scanned the room.

Totally cute together. View all 7 comments. Dec 31, Laura Elizabeth rated it it was ok Shelves: Before I start note some spoilerage below. I read the teaser chapters for this book two months ago and was excited to get this book. Now I've been fooled by teaser chapters before so , I lowered my bar for KA after the last three books so low , it was hitting the ground.

KA will always be an autodownload for me because even when her books suck they are still entertaining. Ok so we have Abel our Wolf Vampire Hybrid. We ha Before I start note some spoilerage below. We have Delihla his destined mate. Our first two heroes of the series , Lucien and his mate Leah and Callum with his mate Sonia sweep this couple off to a vampire compound. Solid four star read. I'm excited to finally get a KA of old book. Now Delihla is 29 but dresses and acts like Valley Girl from 's feather earrings, constant use of slang, hair out to THERE, complete with a father who is a biker and sports Ok , John Stamos in his heyday could barely pull off a double decker mullet.

So forget a biker who's in his 50's. Also, his road name is "Hooker" I'm guessing because he frequents them? Despite annoying flashback book is good. So I pick that bar up off the ground and look a little bunny limbos under it. Then we get 1, side characters thrown in the mix. And then this book starts to drag. And Drag And Drag Our mighty " Three" much like my daughters crayfish when our cats are circling his tank hidey hole away in this compound while the world falls apart.

This vampire stronghold by the way, is lorded over by Gregor Sonia's vampire adoptive father from various libraries and dining rooms around the Chateau de' vampire hidey hole.

Here at Chateau Hidey Hole we are given descriptions of every coffee poured and meal served. They fuck their mates senseless and endless, but when it comes time for a battle, well, we don't get to see those. Fade to tea time with Gregor. I decide to give Dax Lahn a call. I phone Lahn. Riding into the compound on horseback would help for me anyway " Lahn: They don't deserve my help, bunch of pussies.

Do not ask this of me again" Well. I guess I'm on my own. But wait. Oh look a side romance with Yuri and a witch named Aurora. Ok saved from boredom. So the women decide they are going to take things into their own hands. Delilah has discovered she has a cool Kmart Blue light special power that can obliterate stuff and is trying to practice on innocent Solo cups. Sonia decides to go outside and talk to Bunnies.

Could you bring Zahnin and Bain along too? On horseback. Our mighty "Three" come out. Lahn leans into Zahnin and Bain and says "unman them". Frey says " leave the vampires to me, always wanted to fry one with my dragons" Well this doesn't help.

Finally we have a showdown. Thumper and friends do their best to defend the mighty " Three". We have a incredibly stupid showdown with Kmart Blue Light Special ending and boring epilogue.

The end Boo View all 57 comments. Spoilers alert!!!

I don't know what happened??? This series confuses the shit out of me. The first book I hated with a passion, the second book I freaking loved like crazy and this book that I was so looking forward to just fell flat! I don't know what it is but somethings just didn't work for me and I feel like it was missing something big. That being said I will try to review this book.

First off the main couple Abel and Delilah like the b 3. First off the main couple Abel and Delilah like the book confused me. I like Abel. Liked that Abel was strong, loyal and very protective, like a alpha male should be. He was super Kickass, and all kinds of double awesome being half vamp and half wolf and all. The one thing that I didn't like about him was that most of the time when he would talk it would be in incomplete sentences.

Really most of the characters spoke in incomplete sentences and it was weird and kinda confusing at times. Delilah didn't really have a personality in my opinion. She was suppose to be the best and most powerful of "The three" and all wild and free " Biker Bitch",but she seemed more like a blow up doll to me. Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees Come jump in, bimbo friend, let us do it again, Hit the town, fool around, let's go party You can touch, you can play, if you say: You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere Imagination, life is your creation Yup that was Lilah for me!

I freakin hated that they kept calling their mates and wives Bitches I have read biker books and I can deal with ol lady but Bitches really? Also the Story line really dragged on and parts of it got a little boring. Abel and Lilah's relationship was kinda rushed. I thought with the three couples that their powers would do something really cool and that they would all have to join their powers together or something to kick ass in the end kinda like the power rangers lol So the end battle was kind of a let down But I loved seeing the other couples and the multi-pov.

There was some sweet parts that I really enjoyed. The sex was hott , but that is never a problem in Kristen Ashley books! I really loved Yuri and Aurora they made the book better for me. I think that Yuri needed his own novel.

I liked a lot of the new characters and I loved getting to see Callum and Sonia again.

They are my fav couple. I loved seeing the Three Couples becoming close friends. I loved how the humans were not stupid fear mongering idiots with pitchforks and torches.

Eww That word is not sexy at all. Just saying you only use that word to insult someone not dirty talk!! And the Epilogue was good, but she could have gave us more closure there. I would have like to see a few years in the future, maybe let us see the couples happy with thier own children ect Over all the book was good, but not great.

They rocked, Lilah, just "meh". Overall, I really enjoyed it, I loved the conclusion to the series I loved the POV from various players in the fight against the traitors. I really loved some of the new characters introduced in this book - at the top of that list is Lilah's dad.

I did not even have an issue with the action for "The Three" being slow in the middle, I thought it was done well and fit, with how they would want to keep The Three Safe, and then them feeling the frustration due to a lack of action.

And we got the action and page time given over to one of my favourite parts of this book - Yuri and his little witch. Really liked Abel too, even if he was a bit of a dick to start. Although I did sort of want to giggle a little bit every time the term "werewolf vampire" was used But Delilah!! Seriously, did like her at first, but as it went on, and particularly at the end, she was just too "perfect". And yes I know I sound like a miserable grump, but she got on my nerves tbh.

Major view spoiler [ Is it just me who thinks that the rest of The Three were really not needed. ALL it needed was for Lilah to lose her cool, and flash a blue light and poof, enemy vanquished! I mean seriously - Sonia's contribution to the fight?

Kristen Ashley

Fecking Bunnies! It is even chucked down our throat that she is the "best" of The Three, as she is so awesome and perfect blah blah blah And do not even get me started on the memorial for Gregor that is a statue of Lilah looking all devastated, and the quote when she shouted "We are The Three" urgh like a show offy idiot that made me want to reach in the book and slap her. I got all unreasonably offended at that! Why should the memorial for Gregor, be a statue of her looking devastated, engraved with a quote by her?

A man she had known for weeks, as if her devastation was somehow more valid than the devastation, of Oh, I don't know - his son, or foster daughter.

Actually, Yuri and Aurora and the secondary characters made this book. It seemed like Yuri and Aurora provided the romance, since Abel and Delilah were instantly together like a tick boxing session. At least 3 of the 4 stars are for Yuri and Aurora. Loved the end where Yuri was checking his emails and the witches having some sort of posh picnic, burning up a traitor vamp at "Burn" from Yuri, then "douse". Just some casual torture! Aug 04, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: He would love her.

Then he would lose her. It takes time, but you come to terms with the fact that you were blessed, having once had it at all. To say I have been anticipating this book would be the understatement of the year. First and foremost, I am a huge KA fan!

I find every single one of her books engaging, liberating, and the characters are unforgettable. I know that she has a uniq 4. I know that she has a unique writing style that not everyone appreciates. I for one, am a true fan! Wild and Free did not disappoint! If you haven't read the first two of the series, you really need to go back and read them first.

Book 3 is truly NOT a standalone as it wraps up the series by continuing the story of all of the characters. In book one, we met Lucian and Leah. Lucian is a vampire and Leah is his mate. We learned that they are the first couple of the three. Book 2, my favorite of the 3, is where we meet Callum and Sonia! Callum is the mighty werewolf and Sonia is his werewolf queen. Book 3, Wild and Free was exactly as it's name states. His mate Delilah is a human.

I felt like there was no time to explore the beginnings of these two. Part of their connection is that they both knew right away they were each others. At first, I missed the build up and the tension that a typical KA book offers. However, Abel and Delilah won me over.

Truth be told with the fate of the world in their hands there wasn't enough time to "get to know each other". That being said the attraction and chemistry between these two was instant and HOT!

Delilah has a strong biker family that takes her back. Hook her dad is the best! Abel also has been adopted into a family of humans that have been loving him for decades. With the power of all three power couples they prepare for battle. Callum and Lucien are quick to take Abel under their wings.

They became instant brothers and the hot bod trio is awesome! Abel has spent a life feeling alone and thinking he was a monster. The healing Delilah and these men bring to him make him complete. Equally touching was the girl power in book 3! Delilah, Leah, and Sonia are probably my favorite group of besties of all time! Think sex in the city with a paranormal punch! The girls trained right next to their men getting ready for battle! What's not to love about Yuri finding his mate in this deal?

Overall, Wild and Free was a great wrap up to the series. Truth be told it wasn't near as good for me as the second book in the series considering I have reread Callum and Sonia's story three times, I would know! And yet, Abel and Delilah finished out the three perfectly! I will mention the book lacked the power KA Epilogue!

I would have loved to have been granted a glimpse into the future of these couples. And yet, I have no doubt that they all get the HEA they so richly deserved!

Well done KA! And now the wait begins for the next book release! The hurt felt too good. View all 27 comments. Feb 24, Raxa rated it really liked it. Looks at title. Every freaking second of every goddamn day. This is the bestest of the besta-freaking-abso-best series I've ever read. This would be worth the freaking wait. All my love, KA! Now on to finish the Rock Chick series..

View all 10 comments. Feb 11, Vishous rated it did not like it Shelves: What in dear heavens was this?!?!?!? Why can't I stop torturing myself and simply stop and give up on new KA's books?!?! I just needed to find out how will this trilogy end!

Why did I need to know that?!?!?!? I see rainbows so I will just smile and let him feed off me and fu k me because I feel that destiny on second page also I have a hole in me since birth and I search for sth to plug it all my lif What in dear heavens was this?!?!?!?

I have a hole in me since birth and I search for sth to plug it all my life I plugged it This book has no sense at all Lots of gibberish packed in one box of major eyeroll. Like the author didn't know what to make up so went with most ridiculous scenario possible on this planet!!!!!

Her dad's friend dies protecting her. Final fight scene.

Did I read that right?! Did she while asleep, fight against the enemy in her dreams, and then the hybrid entered her dream and suddenly there were all others there because the fight was in some town but LIVE on TV. And the communication is getting worse And it's like sex fest in this book I rest my case and with this book I am saying goodbye to KA. Maybe I'll try her old ghost books but new ones View all 6 comments.

She exceeded all of my expectations with this last installment in her The Three Series and I enjoyed every second of it! I just need to get all my emotions in check first ;. View all 4 comments. I just love her paranormal romances! Waiting for the release Freaking 1-click pre-order button I caved once again! Can't wait for the 29th!!!! View all 9 comments. Mar 22, Lady Sal rated it it was amazing Shelves: After welcoming the New Year with a spectacular display of fireworks at the city's seawall; I decided to one-up it and read the to-die-for series finale of Kristen Ashley's The Three series, Wild and Free.

That said, I hope we get a closer glimpse into the lives of Callum's siblings. After all, Calder was given a royal edict to search for his mate. Dare I hope a novella will follow? I was not feeling the names Delilah and Abel but through her characters' story and words, we learn why they're be After welcoming the New Year with a spectacular display of fireworks at the city's seawall; I decided to one-up it and read the to-die-for series finale of Kristen Ashley's The Three series, Wild and Free.

I was not feeling the names Delilah and Abel but through her characters' story and words, we learn why they're been named thus.

I'm not going to go into details because the surprises are worth it! And quite honestly, I loved Callum and Lucien but they now take a backseat to the deliciousness that is Abel. Not only because he's a werewolf vampire hybrid but because he's so, so , much like a regular guy only he's waaaay better that one can almost believe he's real. And wouldn't that be awesome? Also, Abel serves up the best lines eva! But, alas, I get why it happened the way it did. Happy reading! View 2 comments. Nov 30, Karen rated it liked it.

It did not deliver. Being a huge fan, I would know. I have read just about all of her books. So it is with a heavy heart that I say these things. Well she has. And I sort of wish she would have left us hanging.

Other books: ANDY CROWE PDF

The final members of The Three. The long awaited ones required to complete the sacred triumvirate. The triumvirate needed to save the world. There was no build up, no mystery. It was just like… BAM… insta-couple. And they were just sickeningly sweet together. No drama. No mystery. Instant soul mates. There was almost no character build up… at all.

It seemed like it took me forever to get through it, hot sex scenes and all. Yuri [image error] Yuri and his cute little button. Aurora [image error] These two totally saved the book for me. I would have much preferred the story to be theirs from the very beginning. No offense, Abel. But Yuri just lit me up… woke me from the deep coma I had fallen into.

Having read many paranormal books in the past, it was hard to really get into it. But I had invested so much time by now, I just had to finish it.

But this one has reminded me that she is human afterall. Nov 18, Spoiler Whore-Momoa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Holy Shitoly. Review to come closer to release date. View all 3 comments. If this was just about Delilah and Abel I would of dnf but having the other couples and extended families in the mix helped me continue and I wanted to find out what happened with the final battle. The big battle was strange but cleverly done and the epilogue was okay.

View all 12 comments. Nov 19, Karla rated it really liked it. A little long, some good, some not so much, but there was one part of the story I absolutely loved and it was totally unexpected!

Review to follow closer to release date Jan 07, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 11, Jess rated it liked it Shelves: Definitely not what I expected for the final Three book. Lots of talking and too many details made it not very exciting. I loved that the characters from previous books were there but still most of the book was about them sitting around waiting for something to happen or snapping at each other or hot sex I didn't mind the last one so much.

I didn't connect with Abel or Delilah at all, as individuals or as a couple. It was way too rushed and I must say didn't like the end battle at 3.

It was way too rushed and I must say didn't like the end battle at all, I was like seriously that's it. Not a fan of how it all ended and who it was apparently about either. Maybe if Abel and Delilah got their own book and then another book about the battles then I would have connected more and understood the whys and hows of it all.

Also, way too much detail and repetitiveness in words and thoughts, I start skimming then. I loved Yuri's story, I hope he gets a book.

I'm obsessed with KA's earlier books, not her newer ones. So this is the end of the auto-download era for KA for me. I will start looking at reviews now to see if I will like the book. View all 5 comments. Nov 03, Ang Sizzling Pages rated it it was amazing Shelves: For more reviews visit www. What a magnificent finale to a kickass paranormal romance trilogy. I could not tear myself away from my site. Held my breath with each turn of the page. Unable to let go because I had the absolute need to see where this story was leading me.

Totally consumed within the world Kristen Ashley has creat For more reviews visit www. Totally consumed within the world Kristen Ashley has created. Once again, this author wowed me by penning yet another 5 star read. The fate of mankind lies in the hands of three gifted couples - the Mighty Vampire Lucian and his human bride Leah.

Super sexy King of the Werewolves Callum and his she-wolf queen Sonia. And Abel, part vampire, part wolf, all Alpha yumminess and his badass biker bitch Delilah. With Gregor at the helm, the stage is set, enemies have aligned, the ugliness of war is inevitable and all is at stake. KA treats her fans to a saga filled with angst, plot twists and a dynamic cast of characters which brought me laughter, as well as to tears, while overwhelming me with sizzling passionate moments practically setting my site on fire.

Now, just one Alpha hero with all their dominant ways and sexy talk is enough to send my heart racing. Imagine the intensity of four gorgeous men! He was one sexy bastard , floored me. I swear my ovaries went into hyper—drive and exploded. On a quest to find a way to fill the life long emptiness within her soul, Lilah is drawn to a small biker town, Serpentine Bay. She soon discovers her life is in danger and is attached by a wild pack of immortal bad guys.

Her hero…a powerful and incredibly strong stranger. Abel, sensing danger, is instinctively drawn to Lilah and saves her life. Clueless as to whom she is and the sudden need to protect her, he immediately finds the missing piece of his soul. For centuries he has been searching for someone to take away the constant yearning and pain. Until I found you. We have an over the top dirty talking hybrid with a sexual appetite that had me swooning.

Wild and Free

He could be a major jerk at times, majorly pissing Lilah and me off, but Abel was tender, passionate and sweet. Each time he called Lilah boa bei meaning precious I melted. The more I saw into the depths of his character, the deeper I fell in love. Left abandoned by his parents, Abel was taken in by a loving Chinese family. Never encountering another supernatural, he felt misplaced, believing he was a monster. This pulled on my heartstrings as I ached for his pain.

No longer seeing himself as a monster, but the protector and lover of his life mate. Can I just say that as a heroine, Lilah totally rocked.

The perfect compliment to Abel, she was funny, stubborn and sassy. She accepted her destiny instead of annoyingly fighting it what a refreshing change from the typical female lead. I respected the way she stood her ground when facing her fears and adversaries. And she was one hell of a fierce chick when someone dared to flip her biker bitch switch. I loved her and her crazy family especially her dad, Hooker. I adored the way she loved Abel unconditionally, feeding him confidence and sharing her strength.

Lilah has become one of my favorite female characters. The biggest surprise for me in this read was Yuri. Oh man, did he turn my feelings for him around. At first glance, Yuri was annoyingly arrogant. But let me tell you, his suave and sophisticated sexiness was highly erotic. He was de-lish-ous. As much as this was a love story, Wild and Free focuses on the ugliness of war and the constant battle of good versus evil. This read was long I love savoring an epic tale with a constantly moving storyline.

It goes without saying that like the first two novels, Wild and Free was exceptionally written. I liked seeing this story told from various points of view throughout and loved the ingenious way the battle scenes were depicted. I should note that sexual boundaries were pushed a bit in a way I have never experienced from this author, which added a different and edgier level to her writing style. But regardless, this story captivated me with its romance, passion, and love of the heart, of family and of friends.

A truly fantastic way to end a great series. Review posted to: This is a series about three extraordinary couples and the fulfillment of a prophecy. Taken in by the Jin family at a very young age, he's outlived the original Jin patriarch who found him a 3. Taken in by the Jin family at a very young age, he's outlived the original Jin patriarch who found him abandoned as an infant and is now with the 3rd generation of Jin Family patriarch.

Delilah Johnson has lived most of her life feeling like she was missing a piece of herself. Delilah decided that she needed to get out of town and spread her wings, with her father's encouragement, she packed her bags and ended up in Serpentine Bay, a little biker town her father is a biker and current home of the Jin family. He instantly knows Delilah is meant to be his and for the very first time in his long life he feels totally complete.

And, of course catching up with Callum and Sonia and Lucian and Leah was fantastic. While my overall rating is 3. We see the three couples come together to fulfill the prophecy and working together to bring down an enemy and save humankind. Lastly, I could have done without the loss of a character that I came to really, really like, I admit it had me in tears. Other than that heartbreaking scene, the series wrapped up nicely with another amazing KA signature epilogue.

View all 14 comments. And she already had a power of sorts- the ability to turn into a wolf. Why didn't the animal-talking power go to at least Leah, who, in spite of having the alleged ability to tap into the power of her "most powerful of all" vampire mate, was working with nothing two books later?

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Given that her vampire mate knew a war was coming, couldn't he have been training her to tap into his powers or something? And Lilah's power was built up to be so major, yet she couldn't wield it until a man she or her mate didn't even seem to like got beheaded.

I liked the heroines well enough, especially Sonia and Leah, but I didn't get anything coming from these ladies that screamed world domination. It was a letdown, because I wanted them to kick butt and take names Xena warrior style during the war- which turned out to not be a war more about that later. I loved the entrance of one very sexy male, as well as his mate, Teona, who is African American and a witch.

I think Teona and HER mate should have been the third couple. I just didn't like that the author made Teona cock-obsessed, especially since she had a mate and he seemed to be more than able to hold his own in the male anatomy department- per Teona's comment.

It reflected badly on her and her man and made it seem as if she hadn't seen a cock in a long time. Why have her do that? After all, Leah, Sonia and several other women characters were at the compound to view Abel's naked body countless times when he transformed from a wolf, something he did almost daily. Yet, they never made outright vulgar statements about his or another man's penis. It would detract from their men. So, why wait until this character comes, who has a drool-worthy man of her own, and have her lower herself like that?

I just felt like Teona and her mate had too much power and strength of their own to "go there. I wanted to see how they felt about each other on a more intimate level, especially given the significant relationship of Teona's mate with Abel. In fact, it would have been great to see the same for the Black female characters in two other KA books: All of these three women seem to be sex crazed. For Meeta and Ruben, I couldn't find out where they had even spotted and displayed interest in each other.

Yet, the next thing I know, they're having sex marathons. And Elvira is the most pathetic of the three, because she has no man and is openly drooling over these other women's hot, hot men. I was embarrassed for her. I didn't have an issue with the fact that the h accepted the H so quickly.

Sometimes, it takes forever for some and it is quicker for others. After all, I was able to suspend reality and believe in the concept of a story with supernatural beings. So, it wasn't too much of a stretch to believe there was a supernatural, pre-ordained connection between Abel and Lilah.

It was so strong, they were able to find each other. I didn't even mind the excessive cursing. What I didn't like was Abel and that gigantic chip attitude on his shoulder. I get that he was abandoned, but he seemed to be angry and growling most of the story. I fail to think of anyone who wasn't a target.

All of that anger was draining and he came across as very immature. And what's with him calling the other women bitches? I know he and his family relocated alot, but I didn't get the sense they ever relocated to a gutter during one of their moves. The other supernaturals seemed a bit classier than that.

I stopped counting the number of times they needed to "meet ASAP," sometimes even over a non-issue that they couldn't even do anything about. Although I didn't like Abel's attitude, at one point, I agreed with his sentiment that they should call him when there is actually something upon which they could act. The WAR: This was supposedly a big cataclysmic event. So, why did about only 15 or so people end up fighting against the army of the bad immortals?

Where was the back up, including the werewolves and vampires mentioned earlier in the story- or even the vampires that had lost their concubines? Yes, yes, I know the battle took place in everyone's dream. About that.

How was that able to be televised? I can only suspend reality to a certain degree and that one was a stretch for me. Why not just have them battle it outside of their dreams and then you can have the human voyeurs, as well as sufficient back up from the good mortals?

What was the purpose of the Oprah-inspired reporter interviewing one of the good immortals? It made it seem too voyeuristic, reality tv-like to me- not a good feel. And, if Lilah, Leah, and Sonia had "enough power to take over the world," why were they so ineffective during the skirmish I dare not even call it a battle, let alone a war? Even the mortal men seemed to do more heavy lifting than them.

Why the bunnies?!!! Don't get me wrong. I know they can do some serious damage to a carrot and the finger of an unsuspecting 2-year-old, but a vampire or werewolf bent on human destruction? More importantly, if you have the power to call forth animals, why would you call forth the contents of a neighborhood pet store as opposed to I'm thinking some lions, coyotes, or even a possum or two could have done some serious damage.

I guess I should just thank goodness no goldfish joined the fray or I would've had to toss the book across the room. Overall, it was a decent read.

Excellent first half: The action is pretty tight in the beginning of this story, as Delilah is attacked by some evil vamps and weres in a dark alley and Abel rushes to her rescue. As the story progresses, it was great to see him realize his potential and his love for Lilah is fantastic.

Delilah is a rare heroine who rolls with the punches, and even when she has a hissy fit, it lasts like a nanosecond. A secondary romance!: A rarity in romance novels today, there is an actual B love story featuring Yuri, a vampire introduced in With All that I Am and Aurora, a witch. It was a simple, slightly kinky and sweet unexpected romance and one of the best things about the second half of the book.

If I had to grade this story, it would have been a solid four-five star read with the first half, I enjoyed it so much. At about the halfway mark though, there was alot of exposition - while it was necessary, it made the story lagged a bit.

Even with this slow down in the action, I would have liked to have seen the story expand and really showcase the war with the villains. They have that instant connection, which works for the overarching storyline of the battle between good and evil, but I felt as if their individual romance was shortchanged a bit.

Emotionally, there is little struggle. They understand and accept their fated love. Not a fan of sitting out the action: Even the characters were complaining about sitting around and being inactive and I was wholeheartedly agreeing with them. Instead, too much time was spent in the vampire compound, waiting for something to happen. The Bottom Line 3. See all reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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That said, I hope we get a closer glimpse into the lives of Callum's siblings. Wicked Beat 5 of 6. We are introduced to a mess of new species, and normally, I'm all for that, but this seemed like an afterthought. Supported Enhanced Typesetting: Rating Legend: He's a total idiot to her their first meeting.

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