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Veja grátis o arquivo ENEM Apostilas Bernoulli Inglês 3 enviado para a disciplina de Volume 03 LÍNGUA INGLESA PDF Compressor Free Version 2 Coleção. ENEM: apostilas Hexag Medicina (gratuitas). 29 de janeiro de Apostilas Opção – material em PDF para o ENEM. 1 de janeiro de Apostilas - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or tronunbucambrin.cf -Material BERNOULLI Apostila

B The virus was discovered in Argentina. C The virus was brought by Chileans to Argentina.

D The number of cases of H1N1 patients in Argentina got stable. E The number of cases of H1N1 patients in Argentina went down. A key activity is funding projects so far that raise awareness, improve education and build capacity at local, regional and global levels. The website contains details of all ongoing projects, including details of the project budgets and individuals responsible for running them, the expected impacts and results so far.

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Importantly, the foundation prioritizes monitoring and evaluation of its projects to learn key lessons for the future and minimise the risk of project failure. As with any disease, and particularly those in developing countries, the health economics are important.

The website has a useful tool for calculating the economic cost of diabetes in a particular country that allows the user to change variables such as population, prevalence and so on.

Accessed: August 11th, After reading the text, we can state that it intends to A entertain people as it raises awareness of diabetes worldwide. B persuade people to control the budgets of health systems worldwide. C give information about the World Diabetes Foundation Website.

D convince people to fund projects of diabetes treatments worldwide. Indeed, it is so new and so little accepted that even today many doctors do 05 not recognize its importance in preventing and combating disease.

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The latter is especially true: There are six main classes of nutrients: All are essential to the body in different ways. Water is the most important and all cells contain it.

A person will die much sooner without 15 water than without food. Minerals are present in the body in very small amounts, but they perform vital functions, such as building teeth and bones and regulating the balance of water in the body.

Proteins can compensate for shortages of carbohydrates or fats in the body when necessary.

They perform a variety of functions: Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy, especially 30 in poorer countries, where they compose most of the diet, as they are relatively cheap and readily available, while proteins are much more expensive and dificult to produce.

In fact, certain plants, such as peas and beans, are rich sources of protein. Taylor, James et al. MacMillan, Adapted.

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Balance line 19 means A constant presence. B lowest level.

D right proportion. Readily available line 31 means A poorly composed.

Available at: August 26th, Manifesto of Futurism, In this way, it is possible to state that, through the comparison, the Manifesto intended to A analyse the capacity of recomposition of a Greek statue.

B support the modern parameter of praising Gods.

C diminish Greek sculputures considering their compelling. D criticise Greek sculptures which praised gods and victory in battles.

E implement a new parameter of beauty, the beauty of speed. E adversidade.

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C Text III How long quanto tempo How long will you stay in Rio? May August 26th, All forms of government are susceptible to political corruption.

The beginnings of Badminton can be traced to midth century British India. Expect this to be a closely guarded secret for a while to come. Taylor, James et al.

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