Sparks fly when a hardboiled reporter meets a handsome senator. But a political scandal—and attempts on her life—could drive them apart. Or. david nightingale extreme exposure pdf. X. extreme exposure pamela clare pdf. Daily light exposure profiles in older non-resident extreme morning and evening . “Investigative reporter turned author Clare brings a gritty realism to this intense and intricate romantic thriller. Extreme Exposure is the launch book for a sizzling .

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Get Free Read & Download Files Extreme Exposure I Team 1 Pamela Clare PDF. EXTREME EXPOSURE I TEAM 1 PAMELA CLARE. Download: Extreme. USA Today best-selling author Pamela Clare began her writing career as a columnist and investigative reporter and cover image of Extreme Exposure. Editorial Reviews. Review. "A Perfect 10 of a gem, Extreme Exposure has all the elements of Extreme Exposure (An I-Team Novel Book 1) by [Clare, Pamela.

Im so, so pleased to have found this variation on the romantic suspense theme something other than macho male warriors and cant wait to read the next book! But they happen to meet in a bar one night and Reece was immediately interested while Kara wanted to keep things professional. This is what real life is like for a mom who wants a career and who also wants to raise her child herself, without relying on nannies and babysitters to do it for her. Registred users can store and access files for unlimited time and choose to publish them in their profile.

My review: Ive read Pamela crack pocket pc software update utility Clares Historical Romance series, MacKinnons Rangers highlander novels, Surrender and, untamed and loved them both, so when I heard that she had a romantic suspense series, I was pretty sure Id enjoy them as well, and wow, was I ever.

This story focuses on Kara MacMillan and Senator Reece Sheridan and when I bought this book I had no idea that it revolved around a newspaper reporter as the heroine and a good guy politician as the hero. Extreme Exposure its the female lead whos taking risks, making enemies, and living dangerously. I enjoyed the way their relationship progressed. There were times when it was annoying as hell when I wanted her to be able to just hurry up and get the bad guy, but she was being true to her profession and her ideals.

Holly, Tessa, and Sophie, whose job it had been to entertain Connor during Karas active labor, returned at the last minute, just in time to watch the actual birth.

There were a few great"s and scenes, and this was one of my favorites: Very slight spoiler: Her labor had been so much easier and faster this time, with the pain overwhelming her only toward the very end.

Yes, you read that right topless. The I-Team reading order, so far:. Reece, whose love had sustained her through the last excruciating hour, had been the one to catch Caitlyn. I would like to use Business version and learn more. I really admired the integrity with which they both performed their jobs.

Tomorrow was Saturday. Holly was driving, and Connor was staying with her mother tonight. She could afford to have a little fun for once — if drinking a margarita with an overgrown fern for company could be called fun. Just go up to some guy who turns you on and start talking.

It ought to be easy. Kara talked to people all the time.

See a Problem?

None of it fazed her. So why did the idea of approaching an attractive man in a bar seem so overwhelming?

Just go up to a guy who turns you on and start talking. It was certainly easy for Holly, who was younger, platinum blonde and had the kind of body that rendered men stupid — big boobs, a slender waist and plenty of booty. Her only striking asset was her hair, which attracted attention because it was long — that and maybe her eyes. Kara was thirty-two and in her sexual prime, after all. She should be home snuggling her son and reading Fox in Sox for the millionth time, not standing in The Rio drinking by herself while Horny Holly went trolling for sperm.

Cold air rushed in as the front door opened again and more people strode inside.

As they streamed toward the bar, one face caught her eye. State Senator Reece Sheridan. She took another sip, studied him as he walked closer. He was, she decided, even better looking than his photographs.

He was tall, easily over six feet. His dark blond hair was cut conservatively — short at the back and on the sides, a bit longer on top for style. His eyes were large with unusually long lashes, his lips firm and full.

He wore a grey wool trench coat over a white shirt and grey slacks, his grey silk tie visibly loosened. He reminded her of a GQ model — handsome, well dressed, smooth.

Kara could almost hear their annoying squeals. Kara took another drink of her margarita, was surprised to find she had only ice left. No wonder she felt a bit buzzed. He surveyed the bar area as if looking for someone, slipped the heavy coat from his broad shoulders, kept moving.

Extreme Exposure

He was probably looking for a woman, Kara decided. Why had she opened her mouth? It occurred to her to walk quickly away, but it was too late. His gaze met hers, and she could tell he was trying to place her.

Then he smiled, walked over to her, hand extended. Of all the journalists who called about that bill, you asked the best questions. It was the kind of smile that made women melt. But no way was an overgrown frat boy going to charm her. I need a drink to soothe my wounded pride.

Can I get you something? His eyes were blue.

Pamela Clare

The crowd seemed to part for him, and in a matter of moments he was back, two drinks in hand. He gave her one, took a sip from the other — amber liquid in a small glass.

She had no business getting cozy with a senator. Particularly not a handsome one who oozed charm the way slugs oozed slime. He gestured toward the fern, grinned.


She took a step away from the plant. No — a friend from work. There you are! He seemed happy to see her. Blonde, curvy, tanned, she was just the sort of woman Kara had imagined he would find attractive.

For some reason, being right disappointed her. He put his arm around her shoulder, drew her nearer. You can talk some more if you want. Senator Sheridan shifted his gaze back to Kara, a look of regret on his face. Are you going to be here for a while?

You were talking to the hottest guy in the bar! I saw him download you a drink!

Extreme Exposure PDF

Holly crossed her arms. Good God, Kara, what is? She had once been in love with Galen Prentice, had believed he loved her, too. You hide behind motherhood and your job and use your responsibilities as a way to hide from life. Kara felt tears prick behind her eyes, fought them back. I went out with Todd Myers, remember? You prove my point. More drinks? She was floating, and everything in the world seemed warm, fuzzy, perfect. She glanced at her empty glass, wondered what exactly they put in their margaritas.

Whatever it was, it was really, really, really strong. And when his tongue slips into your mouth — mmmm.

It was so like Holly to go straight for the crotch. It makes me crazy! But I knew this guy in college who said he really liked it.

He stood beside the table, his coat draped over his arm. Kara looked up, felt the heat of his smile, answered without thinking. But before she had time to consider it, the senator pulled out a chair, sat. He had taken off his tie and unbuttoned the top button on his shirt, exposing a bit of chest.

His shirtsleeves, too, had been unbuttoned and were rolled up to reveal the muscles of his forearms. Holly was right. Senator Sheridan was hot. Reece knew he should be going. He had to finish editing the last of his five bills for the session, as it was slated to be heard in committee next week. He also needed to read through the bills he would be expected to vote on next week. And there were always phone calls and e-mails from constituents to return.

The black-and-white photograph that ran every week with her opinion column showed a rather stern woman, hair pulled back, staring gravely into the camera. But the real Kara McMillan was much softer, more colorful, much more feminine than her photo revealed. He could tell she was tipsy by the color in her cheeks, a pink glow against her otherwise creamy skin. Her features were delicate, almost elfin.

Her eyes were an unusual shade of green, dark with flecks of gold. Her hair was almost black and fell, thick and shining, to her waist.

She was almost a foot shorter than he and willowy, with delicate curves in the right places and looked more like a ballet dancer than a tough reporter. Kara had a reputation for being ruthless. When she called, people worried. Last year she had lost a city department head his job after discovering he was writing thousands of dollars in checks to a non-existent contractor who turned out to be his mistress.

Reece had been impressed.Well, Reece is as real as they get. Sep 01, Stacia the club rated it liked it Shelves: Those who are wet. She was almost a foot shorter than he and willowy, with delicate curves in the right places and looked more like a ballet dancer than a tough reporter. Reece is hot!!

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