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They make me look a shaggy butcher Know this — in the near future I ought to — no, I must reduce your wages.

This he did. And then at random He composed a memorandum If you think your employees Deserve your love - correction please: They don't.

They're fools. No commonsense.

They're full or crass incompetence. The ones in my establishment Deserve the highest punishment.

They show their cheek in not believing Whiskers lend themselves to thieving Their moustaches, I predict, Will soon be mercilessly picked; And when that happens they will know What Man is to Moustachio: Man is slave, Moustache is master, Losing which Man meets disaster! The giraffe with the grasshopper's limbs reflected: Why should I Go for walks in grassy fields, now that I can fly?

The lions lack of horns distressed him greatly, so He teamed up with a deer - now watch his antlers grow! It's the finest. For a sack of gold I'd smell it; I'm, perfectly willing; So Nazir hobbled to the King and said his wish. The King said, "Do it Nazir. I'll give you baksish.

Abol Tabol

Those of you who are jolly And feel to woe is folly Must not refuse the Ramgaroos Their right to melancholy. Bereft of sun and air Is doomed to be a monastery Of permanent despair. A 11 the wooden villainy, and All the wooden wiles, Wooden ills and wooden woes, and Beaming wooden smiles. Translated by Satyajit Ray.

Calcutta: Writer's Workshop, This volume by the author's son is the slimmest and is difficult to find. Partial translation. Analytical Works about Abol Tabol, in reverse chronological order newest first.

Rhymes of Whimsy - The Complete Abol Tabol

Contains analyses of all the poems, with explanations of hidden satire. South Asian Review, Vol. Analytical reviews of some of Sukumar Ray's illustrations that accompanied his poems in Abol Tabol, and how they complement the verse.

Routledge, This volume includes brief analysis of some of the poems in Abol Tabol. It also analyzes other contemporaneous books. Amit Dasgupta. New Age International Publishers Ltd. In Spirit of whimsy, a undercurrent of spiritual is found.

The paper focuses on verses of Sukumar Ray translated by Sampurna Chattarji. Genealogy of Nonsense is threefold- sophisticated Aesthetics, Linguistics and play with logic. Aesthetics is mainly a branch of philosophy which critically studies art, nature and culture as manifested in perceived texts.

While engaged in critical reflections, there are always devised underlying principles that form the basis of existence as well as evaluation of that perceived text. Both Western Philosophy and Indian Philosophy has delved and explored into it. According to Indian Aesthetic theory of Natyasastra by Bharata Muni, there are eight rasas in any art form and that each rasa, correspondingly evoke one emotional effect.

According to Tagore, emotion produced by nonsense hasn't been given any name but it is pure, innocent, beautiful, neither thick, nor pungent.

The main shoot of aesthetics in a nonsense text can be mainly divided into following two subshoots- Linguistic and Logistic.

Linguistic techniques found in a Nonsense text are Neologisms, Portmanteau, Reduplication and Sound- over- sense; and Logistic ones are Paradoxical simultaneity of meaning, nonsense tautology, non sequitur and arbitrariness, absurd precision and imprecision, faulty cause and effect, and the use of infinity. For instance good-good, go- go etc.

Logistic techniques are Vol. Two genres sound similar but whereas Hasya comedy is based on humor, nonsense is based on whimsicality. Translated by Sampurna Chattarji Come happy fool whimsical cool come dreaming dancing fancy-free, Come mad musician glad glusician beating your drum with glee.

Come o come where mad songs are sung without any meaning or tune, Come to the place where without a trace your mind floats off like a loon. Come scatterbrain up tidy lane Vol.

Nonsensical ways topsy-turvy gaze stay delirious all the time, Come you travellers to the world of babblers and the beat of impossible rhyme. To achieve this apparent meaning in meaninglessness, the poem incorporates use of neologism, portmanteau, nonsense tautology and Sound- over- sense techniques.

Fool or whimsical is happy for his stories are becoming more creative.

But at the same time when run on, create a distinctive meaning that since fool is happy, that is why, his whimsical world is creating cool stories. So, the technique used here is Nonsense tautology.

Abol Tabol 11.0 Update

For example, chi- chi,chup-chap and many more. There is use of Paradoxical simultaneity of meaning. The songs apparently have the meaning of madness in them but they are sung without meaning, is paradoxical. The peculiar part is that both meaning simultaneously exist to lend beauty to the verse. The whole poem is permeated by Sound- over- sense.

Translated by Sampurna Chattarji A duck and a porcupine, on one knows how, Contrary to grammar are a duckupine now. The goat charged the scorpion at a rapid run Vol.

Abol Tabol (Recitation)

The cow said.A must-read for enthusiasts of humorous nonsense verse, as well as for academicians and students engaged in comparative literature and South Asian literature studies.

Or why should the rooster chase me, if you please? Translated by Sampurna Chattarji. He sat for his final tests for school.

Don't know bengali? Just sits and beast a canister.

Those of you who are jolly And feel to woe is folly Must not refuse the Ramgaroos Their right to melancholy. He made his films in Bengali, a language spoken in West Bengal, the eastern state of India, and Bangladesh.

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