Sourcing direct with real manufacturers; When to avoid Alibaba and how to use it correctly; How to . download The Import Direct From China eBook Now Only $ I've been looking into starting an e-commerce site. I believe I have found a niche and I am not doing a lot of research into actually downloading. Import Direct From China is the result of three decades of importing experience and teaches you: Sourcing direct with real manufacturers -How.

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Import Direct From China - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Instructions on how to import from China - how to navigate bylaws, find. Since I've Been Successfully Importing Products From China & The Rest Why download a complicated course or a big eBook that will take you many hours or. Import Direct From China and Many Other Countries: Your Guide To Finding The Best Suppliers, Best Products, and Best Prices And How To.

Sources of Free Information Walter Hay 1. Is Importing Complicated? The short answer is that it can be, but by following the methods I set out for you it will be easier than you can imagine. I simplify the process for you without any mumbo jumbo. In preparing this article I looked at what is available online, and found that some of the information is misleading, some uses jargon that is not explained, some is unnecessarily complicated, and much of it is designed to try to get you to use someones services as facilitator or sourcing agent.

They do this by trying to give the impression that if you try to do it yourself you are risking disaster. To minimize competition, importers like to maintain secrecy about their methods. They try to give the impression that you need a degree in importing as well as knowledge of endless rules and regulations. The reason behind this is that many importers hope to act as wholesalers to sell products to you in bulk. They then expect you to sell those products to the end user for a profit.

There may be times when you would go to such people, but I will tell you more about that later. This report is based on the idea that if you know what kind of products you want to import, and you know how or where you are able to sell them, why not have all the profit for yourself?

Why pay those importers? Why not do the importing yourself?

So you think its too hard? Dont let the importers fool you. Dont be discouraged by looking at official customs and excise websites where you will find endless details telling you about the rules and regulations. Soon you will find out how easy it really is to do your own importing. You should remember that the easiest part of your importing business will be finding goods to import and then actually importing them. The harder part is selling the products while making a good a profit.

I have to assume that you know at least the basics of operating a business. If you have no previous business experience it would be advisable to seek advice from someone who can teach you. I do not set out to give advice on how to operate a business nor do I offer legal advice. This report is intended to show how you can locate suppliers of goods to import, and how to do the actual importing.

If you have not decided what product s to import and how you will sell them, then please do that homework before you start.

In my website I said that provided you have done your homework you will be ready to start as soon as you have carefully read my report. You need to know what your objectives are and how you will achieve them. I am assuming that your objectives are to import goods and sell them for maximum possible profits, so what do you need to work out first? Best results are usually obtained by working in an area where you have experience or knowledge. If you have a hobby or a trade, or experience in a particular industry, you should start thinking about what products you know are used in that field.

Give first preference to those items that are consumables because that will usually mean repeat orders. Research and find out how much those items sell for, and then go looking for suppliers who will give you good products at prices that will allow you big margins. Walter Hay It is best to get to know everything possible about those products so that you can be sure that you are downloading the right ones.

Later I will show you where you can look to locate a mind-boggling range of products to choose from. There are many different ways such as site, site, Craigslist, direct sales from your website, flea markets, home party plans, your own retail shopfront, etc. It is not for me to know which will suit you best. I hope you have already given a lot of thought to this vital subject because there is no point in importing the cheapest widgets in the world if you cannot sell them.

For at least your first order the suppliers will require payment in advance. I will explain later how to do this as safely as possible and I will also show how you can avoid outlaying the very large amounts most suppliers require for minimum orders.

I am not dealing with matters relating to storage, distribution, delivery, payment methods etc. I cannot help you with selling your product. My specialty is importing. Rules and Regulations This is where your first worries are over. Yes, it is true that there are huge books written covering the rules and regulations dealing with importing, but I am about to show you how little you really need to know. Why not use the knowledge that other people have learned by reading those huge books and getting university degrees in importing?

Some of the e-books I have seen about starting an importing business are loaded with well-researched information which is in my opinion more appropriate for a person wishing to become a customs broker rather than for a person starting up a small importing business. If you own two or three dogs and use them in your business as guard dogs, you do not study to be a veterinarian in order to keep them healthy.

Instead you use the services of a specialist, and that is exactly what I am advocating. You have to pay for their services, but think of the time and effort it saves you. Customs Brokers can be one of your most valuable means of simplifying your start into the world of importing. By using the services of qualified customs brokers you can escape the red tape nightmare and avoid having to learn all the complexities.

By using their expert knowledge of importing procedures you can have more time to devote to actually running your business and making money. You have to pay for their services, but your time and effort is worth money and spending money on a broker can potentially save you many times the amount you pay them.

If you try to learn it all yourself, but you do not pick up on some small technicality you could have your shipment seized. A broker will help you make sure that you obey all those small technicalities. I have the experience and training that would allow me to handle my own Customs clearance work, but I chose to hand that work over to a broker. I did not want to spend the time needed to keep up to date will all the latest changes, and I preferred to spend my time importing and selling the products rather than save a few dollars with DIY customs work.

Later I will show how you can even do without customs brokers for some shipments. Walter Hay Customs Brokers must be licensed in USA, Canada and Australia, and this gives you a degree of protection and some certainty about their ability, but there is no licensing requirement in the European Union.

Therefore, if you are importing to the EU it is important that you satisfy yourself that the person you employ as a customs broker is experienced and knowledgeable. Well-established customs brokerage businesses in the EU would usually employ appropriate people.

“The Experts Guide To Importing From China” [PDF]

You can find customs brokers by searching the usual sources, whether online or in printed Yellow Pages. They can handle such things as whether you need licenses or permits. As a general rule, in most Western countries anyone can set up in business as an importer. Other than for certain restricted goods, in most countries you do not need a license or permit to be an importer, although you will usually have to obtain an importers registration number which will appear on all of your Customs clearance documents.

Your Customs broker knows about this and will obtain the number for you when your first shipment has to be cleared. In many countries quotas apply that restrict the volume of imports of certain items.

How To Find China Wholesale Suppliers And Import Direct From Chinese Factories

It may be the case that such goods may be imported in unrestricted quantities from certain favored countries. I suggest that you make inquiries with a broker or through your official Customs and Excise in the USA, Customs and Border Protection office at an early stage to ascertain whether you need licenses, quotas, or permits.

Chances are that you will not have to worry about goods that might be banned, restricted or subject to quotas.

Few consumer goods would be restricted so you have a huge scope to choose from. But just in case you think you have a market for goods a little out of the ordinary, I have included this section on restrictions. Restricted goods will obviously include alcohol, tobacco, wildlife products, motor vehicles, firearms, explosives, and munitions, but other items where quotas or strict quarantine rules may apply can include food, agricultural goods, steel, clothing, textiles, and footwear.

Instead of trying to sort out the volumes of regulations involved, it would be easier, and probably safer, to ask a customs brokers advice in relation to the product type you are considering. If in doubt about whether you need a license, permit, or quota, a customs broker can advise you or you could contact your nearest Customs and Excise office. In Canada and the USA, I have found the Customs office to be very helpful, but in other countries, including most EU countries you may get no help from them at all.

That is when you must consult a customs broker. While I am not giving advice on general business operation, you will almost certainly need to be registered as a business, and you need to ensure that you know what rules apply to sales taxes and other income taxes. When you do not need a customs broker: If you use international air courier services they normally carry out customs clearance work for you as a normal part of their service.

It is very important that you know in advance whether or not the cost of clearance work is included in their door-to-door service. See very important information on this subject in Section 4 - Freight. Another way to avoid a lot of red tape is by limiting the value of each consignment and having it shipped via EMS International Express Post.

Provided you do not exceed a certain value per parcel, the postal service will do the calculations for you, lodge the customs forms, and deliver to your address.

All this is free of charge. You pay any duty and taxes due when you collect the goods from your postal service. Check with your Customs and Excise office to find out what is the maximum value per shipment under this scheme.

Some countries have more generous allowances and others do not allow any goods to be imported under such a scheme.

Note: If you use this scheme, avoid having more than one parcel dispatched on any one day. You should instruct suppliers to leave at least 3 days between shipments, otherwise they may be regarded as one shipment and Customs would then require you to lodge a Formal clearance.

The answer is no. As a result, you must project confidence and act larger than you really are.

You should present yourself as a downloader or a director of a larger retail organization. We are interested in carrying many of the items that you have to offer.

Also, if you could send us your product catalogs, lead times for manufacturing, and MOQ we would greatly appreciate it. As a result, you should shotgun blast as many vendors as you can and obtain as many different quotes as possible.

Some quotes will come back impossibly low. Some quotes will come back really high. But most quotes will fall within the same range. In general, you should eliminate all factories with abnormally low bids because those suppliers likely sell low quality goods. Personally, I like to stick with the suppliers that offer mainstream pricing. Before you place a bulk order with any manufacturer, you must touch and inspect a finished version of your product for quality.

First off, the cost of your sample will be significantly higher than your quoted cost for a bulk order. And by significant, I mean a sample will often be X more expensive.

Do not balk at the sample price and do not try to negotiate! In reality, your supplier will credit the cost of the sample towards your first bulk order but paying for samples is just a necessary expense of doing business in China. Now there are many more line items on our quality control checklist, but hopefully you get the point. But once you have your first few successful shipments under your belt, you will eventually want to have your goods shipped over by sea which is substantially cheaper.

While the exact procedure for shipping by sea is beyond the scope of this post, you should definitely hire a reputable freight forwarder and customs agent to handle everything for you.

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But beyond getting your goods to your warehouse, the most important factor to consider when placing any bulk order is quality control. Before your goods ever leave a Chinese factory, you must hire an inspector! A company like Asia Inspection now called QIMA will send a representative to your factory and examine a subset of your goods based on your quality control checklist. Once your goods pass the inspection test, you are finally ready to start selling! As a result, I invited a student in my Create A Profitable Online Store Course , Josh, to provide a candid and realistic account of his first experience importing from China.

Now in my class , I have an entire module dedicated specifically towards helping students import goods from overseas that goes way beyond this post. A quick disclaimer: Josh had never done this before prior to joining my class and he was a bit intimidated early on by the process.

As Steve mentioned above, I recently completed the sample sourcing process and wanted to share some tips and mistakes I made along the way. Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Tip 1: Never Assume Anything When it comes to communicating with your vendors, you should never make any assumptions about product availability. On multiple occasions I had vendors try to sell me products that were not displayed on their website.

In contrast, I also requested samples of products that were displayed online but no longer available from the vendor. I even had one instance where after paying for samples the vendor came back and informed me that 6 of the 9 samples ordered had been discontinued. Make sure to ask and confirm prior to ordering and especially paying for any samples.

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Tips on questions to ask: Are there any new products or designs that are not currently displayed online? Are there any products displayed online that were discontinued or no longer available? While in a few instances vendors seemed a little cold, most vendors were very eager to engage in conversation, answer questions and discuss samples.

For the most part, their written English skills were pretty darn good. Their ability to both send and receive emails exceeded my expectations. Also, make sure to be complimentary without overdoing it. Make sure to give both websites a shot. Tip 3: Trust Your Gut Some vendors are almost too friendly. Give people the benefit of the doubt but go with your gut. As an example, I was searching for a variety of bags including leather bags. When I sent an initial email to one vendor who specialized in leather, I accidentally included photos of non-leather bags which caused some confusion.

If you want something made of polyester, specifically state in your email that you are looking for a polyester widget. Otherwise, like me you might receive a different and most likely cheaper product or material than you intended.

Tip: Be very specific and ask the vendor to confirm product specifications before both production and shipping. Despite doing everything suggested above, there were a couple occasions where the samples I received were not the samples I ordered. Tip: Confirm the sample order prior to shipment and request photos of the samples to ensure they are accurate.

Most vendors will allow you to pay via PayPal. Some have PayPal but will not tell you unless you ask so make sure to ask. I found it to be just as easy as PayPal but with Western Union you have no recourse to get your money back. If it makes you feel better, choose a vendor who you will be paying a smaller amount of money to for samples. Although just a suggestion, doing this will help to familiarize you with all the routing and logistics related to international wire transfers.

If you decide to pay via wire transfer, make sure and confirm that you have the exact wire information including beneficiary information, address, swift code and account number.

Import Direct From China

If one character is incorrect, then the Bank of China might relegate your funds to the Chinese banking void for an unspecified period of time. Tip 7: Always Obtain Samples Samples are an investment. Most drugs will not make it through clinical trials and some will not receive FDA approval, but the few that do make it past all the hurdles will make the investment worth it.

While downloading samples can seem daunting, make sure to keep things in perspective. Tip: Ask vendors what their top 5 products are in terms of sales. Pick the very best ones based on the photos, product descriptions and vendor recommendations. Steve emphasizes this several times in his course. Not only does this make your company seem larger than it is but it also displays a sense of teamwork and unity. Moral of the story — Project confidence. Tip: Here is an actual email I sent to a vendor after receiving samples.

Hi Tina, We wanted to confirm that we received the samples today. Over the next couple of months we are going to be meeting with many of our customers to discuss your products and potential plans to move forward with larger downloads.

We will certainly keep you updated on our plans.This means you will be charged according to a formula that calculates a cubic ton by multiplying length x width x height of a parcel.

I have also found some offering products that they have imported. Choosing Suppliers There are several criteria to consider when choosing a supplier. Other countries can be similarly relaxed so do your homework. A ridiculously simple trick of the trade to make sure that you get the best prices.

Deciding which products to import.

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