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An introduction to creating an eBook cover with Gimp. This eBook cover tutorial is targeted at self publishers and independent authors who are new to gimp. Rob is also an author, and a regular contributor of tutorials and articles on Rob has been working with GIMP for many years and has created graphics for. GIMP Tutorial: eBook and Paperback Book Cover Design Using Canva and Gimp ; 8. GIMP Training Masterclass: From Beginner to Pro Photo.

Also the GUI is very different so learning the interface will take some time. It totals about 15 minutes with plenty of details on the interface, painting techniques, and how to pick up GIMP from scratch. Great for anyone regardless of their artistic skill level so I recommend giving this a quick watch.

Digital Painting — A Carrot If you want a more specific painting tutorial then here ya go!

Learn how to paint a carrot in GIMP with this 7-minute video. But it does have so many features that you need to learn as you go. This video is sure to get you started on the right foot. If you want to do line art with GIMP then this tutorial is sure to please.

You can use this program for photo editing, icon design, and plenty of other things. Painting your own creatures can be really fun, but it requires an understanding of the software first.

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This tutorial can help you get there. Landscape Painting If you want to get into painting environments then check out this awesome video covering a landscape painting in GIMP.


This totals about 30 minutes of instruction with plenty of custom brushes and techniques for artists to follow. Paint Manga in Gimp It takes a lot of work to learn manga as a design style.

But once you understand the style you may want to start working on it digitally.

Probably the absolute best tutorial for beginners just getting into digital art. It is pretty quick but it also covers a lot of detail with a focus on the anime art style.

How to Clean up Scanned Pencil Sketch Many artists prefer to work traditionally first, then import those sketches into a digital design program. You can scan in your work and get it looking spiffy with minutes of work following this tutorial.

This is a great intro guide for beginners who have never used the GIMP color panel before. It can be tricky at first but, like all things, practice makes perfect.

How to Color using Gimp I also really like this color guide which spans 7 minutes and offers a very quick intro for beginners. But this color guide may take the cake for its easy instructional guidelines that any artist should be able to follow. I recommend going through both vids if you need to learn basic digital painting and want a template to follow.

Granted Bob Ross worked in traditional mediums so it feels very different using a digital program. This tutorial provides five ways to use shade and lightning in GIMP. Tutorials for Advanced Users This last section contains the most difficult but probably the most interesting stuff — advanced tutorials.

However, since it also develops into some excellent advanced techniques along the way, I thought it say nicely here.

40+ Best Free GIMP Tutorials For Beginners (Drawing & Painting)

I suspect even GIMP veterans will have what to learn from this book, so if you have a spare hour, give it a try it. This tutorial covers the whole process in great depth. Just a short clarification: Not all steps performed on the example image used in this tutorial were done in GIMP — some are performed in another open source graphics program RawTherapee. Otherwise, the tutorial itself is short and easy.

While there are certainly other, more specialized open source options for more complex animation, GIMP is great for simple tasks. You will need the GAP module. After you get that, just follow the steps here and get animating.

Ian Pullen has put together this thoughtful tutorial to walk you through the basics. In reality, this falls closer to the realm of pure programming than classic visual design. Then, I hit shift to see the line function.

eBook Cover Design: Gimp Tutorial on How to Create eBook Image

Now I have a faint white line down the entire left side of the background. Next, I want to make a basic yellow border around the top of the e-Book to give the appearance of a trim border.

Again, I will select the paint brush as before, change my color to yellow, use the shift key to draw a straight line, and then click the mouse to draw it from the top left to the top right as pictured below. I will then draw another yellow stripe on the bottom of the book using the exact same method as described above.

At this point, the e-Book is starting to take shape, but it could use an image or two. Since I am making this e-Book up just to show you how to create one, I will pretend this is going to be an e-Book about vines. Since it is going to be about vines, I will try to incorporate an image that relates to vines.

Remember, you do not necessarily need an image. I am just doing this to show you a few things with the software.

To use this, I simply select the paint brush tool from the menu, and then I click the brush button at the bottom. Then I size the vine brush using the scale. After that, I simply click the mouse button on the e-Book cover where I would like for the vine to be shown.

Adding Logos or Paintbrush effects to eBooks Using Gimp You can also use this same technique with any picture you want. You can delete any portion you want, and add neat effects to your images.

At this point, I have created a simple background, added a nice trim look with yellow, and inserted the vine image with the paint brush. To do this, I will simply click on the A symbol to write text.

Then I will choose the color, font size, and style.

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For the main title, I will use white text, 39 font, and Sans Serif type. For the subtitle at the bottom, I will use yellow font size 24 with staccato BT font style. I simple click on the part where I would like the words to appear, and then type them in the box as pictured below.

Most online bookstores such as site. You could use this image in a similar way.

For this tutorial, however, I will keep going to show you how you can create the nice 3-D look. Now the front cover is completely finished. So what I need to do is create the 3-D look. First, I will use the perspective tool to change the shape of the front cover. I will do this by selecting the perspective tool, and then clicking on the e-Book image. Try to drag it so that it is slightly bent upwards toward the upper right as shown below.

To do this, I will use the rectangle select tool that I used at the beginning to draw the background. This time, however, I will draw a much smaller size.

Over 90 Free GIMP & Photoshop Ebooks, Cheat Sheets & Tutorials

I will then use the gradient fill tool just like I did earlier when I created the maroon background.I had a middle school student who created a lot of composite images for my yearbook class but I didn't have time to learn myself and she was too shy to teach her classmates. At this point you could wipe your hands on your pants and say that you are done, but we are going to try a few more things.

Once the height and width are set, you can click on the [OK] button. There is an eye icon next to each layer. Lets move it so that it sits on top of the title. You can use the image below for this part. Dave on July 7, at 7: Make something that looks like another image but change the text, without having the original.

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