The PDF Manager is used to create and manage templates for generated PDF files for any deployed module, custom or standard. Sugar comes. Changing PDF Logos in PDF Manager. Overview. In SugarĀ®, the PDF Manager uses an interface similar to email templates to allow you to add. Overview. SugarCRM allows us to define PDF templates to print/save specific module data as PDF. This goal is achieved using a PDF library called TCPDF.

Sugarcrm Pdf Manager

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Learn about Sugar's out-of-the-box PDF Manager and wDocs, our SugarCRM has always focused on providing users with a modern and. PDF Manager by SYNOLIA | CRM Place,SugarCRM Free Modules,SugarCRM Paid Modules,1CRM Modules,Customization,Development,Reporting,WorkFlow. The retrieve_by_string_fields function is deprecated as of as per this, so you might want to consider using SugarQuery instead. There's no.

You can add additional custom settings by creating the following file:. Once edited, the updated values are stored in the database config table under the category "sugarpdf" and a name matching the setting name. A brief description of the settings parameters are listed below: label : This is the display label for the setting.

Possible values are 'basic' and 'logo'. Possible values are: 'image', 'text', 'percent', 'multiselect', 'bool', 'password', and 'file'.

SugarCRM PDF Manager for Quotes

Custom settings can be added to this page by creating. An example is below:. If your setting does not follow this format, it will not be saved or retrieved from the database correctly.

Once the setting is defined, you will need to define the display text for the UI setting. This will rebuild the language files for your display text. If you would like to add additional fonts to the system, they should be added to the. The list is then saved in the cache as.

PDF Manager

This allows the system to retrieve all records that start with the keyword entered in the search. If you would like to broaden the search, you can use the wildcard at the beginning of your text as well e. This will pull up any record that has the word "services" in the name, regardless of how it starts or ends. For more information on using the various search methods as well as how wildcards are used in the different methods, please refer to the Search documentation.

Basic search offers a few, commonly used fields for a simplified search experience. The buttons and checkboxes available in Basic Search panel have the following functions:. When you run a search, Sugar will return records matching all as opposed to any of the fields and checkboxes for which you have given a value.

A Common Use Case

For example, if you select a module and enter a template name, Sugar will only return template records with a matching name that are assigned to that module.

Once the search is complete, the relevant results will populate in the list view below the search panel. To see all template records, simply click "Clear" and then "Search" to perform a blank search with no filters. You can view the basic details of each template within the field columns.

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List view displays the current search results broken into pages that you can scroll through rather than displaying potentially thousands of rows at once. To the right just below the search panel, you can see which records of the total results set are currently being displayed.

The two single-arrow Next and Previous buttons can be used to scroll through the records page-by-page. The two double-arrow First Page and Last Page buttons allow you to skip to the beginning or the end of your current results.

For more information on changing the number of displayed records, please refer to the System documentation in the Administration guide. You can perform several actions on template records directly from the list view by first selecting the desired records.

To select individual template records on the PDF Manager list view, mark the checkbox on the left of each row. To select or deselect multiple template records on the list view, use the options in the checkbox dropdown menu:.

The Actions menu to the right of the checkbox dropdown typically allows you to perform various actions on the currently selected records. The only action available from the PDF Manager list view is the following operation:. List view provides the ability to sort all of the current search results by a field column in either ascending or descending order.

To sort by a field or switch the sort direction, click the column header noting that the fields which allow sorting will have a pair of arrows. The list view may be sorted by only one column at a time. The Actions menu on the top left of each template's detail view allows you to perform various actions on the current record. For more information on configuring the actions menu, please refer to the System documentation in the Administration guide.

On the upper right of the PDF Manager detail view, there are two buttons that allow you to page through each template in the PDF Manager list view's current search results. Clicking the Previous button displays the previous template of the current search results while clicking the Next button displays the next template of the current search results.

The text in between shows which template result you are currently viewing within the total number of current results. Templates may be edited at any time to update or add information to the record.

You can make changes to existing template records via the PDF Manager edit view. Edit view is available within the PDF Manager module and includes all of the template fields you should need.

You can edit templates via the detail view by clicking the Edit button on the upper left of the page. Once the edit view layout is open, update the necessary fields, then click "Save" to preserve your changes. If a template record is invalid or should no longer appear in your organization's Sugar instance, it may be deleted from either the PDF Manager detail view or list view.

Deleting via the detail view allows you to delete a single record while the list view allows for mass deleting multiple records at once. Due to PHP memory limitations on the server, there may be occasions when the application times out while deleting a large number of template records. If you encounter an error when performing this action, we recommend selecting the records in smaller batches.

PDF manager and {foreach}

Image files can easily be uploaded from your local machine to be used as a header image on a PDF template. After uploading and saving the image to the template's Header Logo File field, it will be shown on the PDF generated by users in Sugar.

Header images will display as pixels wide by 45 pixels high, so the uploaded image should be sized relative to these dimensions e. After saving an appropriately sized image file to your computer, use the following steps to add the header image to the PDF template:.

Previewing PDF templates allows you to see what the template will look like before publishing it in Sugar.

The preview option displays the PDF template with the database fieldnames and not actual data values and is accessible from the detail view. Once a template is created, the module cannot be changed. Menu Item Description Delete Delete one or more templates at a time. Deleting PDF Templates If a template record is invalid or should no longer appear in your organization's Sugar instance, it may be deleted from either the PDF Manager detail view or list view.

Deleting Via Detail View Use the following steps to delete a template record via the detail view: Navigate to a template record's detail view. Select "Delete" from the Actions menu. A pop-up message will display asking for confirmation.

Click "Ok" to proceed.

Mass Deleting Via List View Use the following steps to delete one or more template records via the list view:Depending on that value we render the same product row using a different background color. Most of them were expressing frustration of how difficult is to change or edit the design of PDF templates, in this case quotes and invoices. The author name to be placed in the PDF properties. The image icon must be used to insert an image.

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